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Alright folks 👋 I'm Jack, your Irish online coach, committed to helping you adopt a better lifestyle and achieve your dream physique.

While that's the essence of what I do, if we were to have a chat, you'd quickly see me as someone who's walked in your shoes, made all the mistakes, and learned from them – more of a mate offering sound advice when you need it.

💡 This isn't just about physique development; it's a life-changing journey. Drawing from personal experience, I can tell you that the habits you adopt, the routines you build, and the visual improvements that naturally follow are truly priceless.

Having been in various shapes and sizes growing up, I developed a fascination with nutrition and training styles, sparked by my own weight challenges as a kid. This led me to where I am today.

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Personal Training

Unlock your true potential with bespoke training plans & personalised nutrition.

Online Coaching

Not local? I provide remote online
1-1 coaching to people all around the world.


If you've failed to smash your goals in the past - accountability will be the game-changer you're looking for.

Get to know me

I Was Once In
Your Shoes

The Gym

🌟 I've gone to the extremes in various areas to ensure I can relate to all types of clients.

My entire journey is documented online, showcasing the highs and lows. I also documented the highlights of this type of lifestyle, as I love to travel, challenge myself, and maintain healthy habits throughout.

🚀 This isn't just about physical changes; it's about building habits, creating routines, and enjoying the journey.

Together, we'll make your goals a reality. Welcome to a space where trust is earned, and results are inevitable.

Success Stories

What my clients are saying


"My experience with Jack has been excellent.

His attention to detail was second to none and he was always on hand to answer any doubts or issues I had.

I was delighted with my results.

My lifts didn’t go down on this 12 week dieting phase & I have never been leaner while keeping most muscle.

I am looking forward to working with Jack again towards new goals and targets."


"Having someone in your corner and supporting you every step of the way was so crucial to my progress throughout.

Having the accountability and motivation from Jack when it was needed kept me going when things got tough.

I went with Jack because I saw his own journey through 75 hard and I wanted the perfect guide for my own 75 hard challenge.

I definitely feel super confident and happy in my skin now which was one of my goals at the start."


"The program kept me extremely motivated and accountable.

I check in with Jack every Monday and I always wanted to improve week in week out.

Overall the program couldn’t have gone better, we set out goals and achieved them.

Through consistency in nutrition and training the goals were hit each week.

I would honestly recommend this program to anyone."

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